How to choose the top relocation company

Selecting the right relocation company with a limited budget can be very tricky and challenging task for anyone. There are several professional moving companies in India that provides required services to customers for their different relocation needs.

International Relocation companies

One should be very careful in selecting the right mover. One should hire only a legitimate mover that can assist in the whole episode of moving home and one can experience hassle-free shifting.

Choosing the right packers and movers in not an easy task but the first thing you should know is whether you require Local Relocation Company or International Relocation Company. After that, following some of the easy steps one can find out the best moving company at best price. The procedure includes

Preparing list of top relocation companies- To make a list of good and experienced relocation companies one can ask friends, relatives, and neighbors who have earlier used professional relocation services. One can also take help of internet searches and various advertisements published in newspapers and magazines.

Check credentials of packers and movers after preparing the list one needs to check the credential of the company. As per their list, they need to make phone calls to the respective companies or visit their offices personally and make sure they are reputed, registered, insured, experienced, licensed and capable to handle their moving home.

Narrow down the search list – the next step that one needs to follow is to narrow down the list and should have at least three top relocation companies in their final list. They should make an appointment with the companies at their residence on different days or different time. They need to show the service providers all the household items which they want to pack and move. Ask them for estimation and make sure that they provide written estimates.

Compare and choose – One needs to evaluate the quotes carefully and make smart decision to select the best packers and movers that perfectly matches with all their requirements and also their budget.


Relocate anywhere with Interem relocation services at UAE

Relocation and that too international moving can be troublesome and tedious process as relocation process needs a lot of things for a safe and hassle-free repositioning. The process involves many tasks like packing, loading, transporting, unloading, unpacking and rearranging goods at the new place. All these processes require lots of time, energy and also money. To overcome this stress, you can hire Interem – international moving companies in Dubai.

International Relocation companies

Overseas moving service UAE, consist of professional experts that knows how to pack and move the goods. The experts understand the value of your valuable. Therefore, they are very careful and attentive while packing the goods, especially the delicate items that need special and utmost care while packing.

The company is among the best moving companies in Dubai as it provides 360 degree solutions to the customers. Inerem consists of experienced professionals who are experts in handling all types of relocation including, commercial relocation, pet relocation, automobile relocation, etc. The experts understand the value of time and energy, thus they offer clients with the best services.

They professionals at Interem work in a systematic way from packing, loading, transporting to unpacking and arranging the goods to the new destination. The international moving company In UAE comes with a wide experience and also with a base of more than 1 lakh satisfies customers. Interem has its services spread across more than 170 countries. So, just rely on the service of this reliable relocation company and forget your stress. With Interem, you need not put any effort. Simply enjoy relocation by seeing the professionals do their job with precision.

Relocate business with Interem

Relocation deals while moving from one place to another is a very stressful job. One needs to shift its office according to the financial status and market strategies to gain much profit. Business relocation needs a lot of time and effort for looking over the things like packing and transporting the goods. But you can save a lot of time and efforts by hiring a relocation service company. As you have to give your time for the growth and profit of the business.

Corporate relocation service

Relocation involves many tasks including packaging, transportation, unpacking and finally arranging them at your new place. A professional relocation company will handle all your stress and relocate your valuable without any damage and losses.

There are number of goods in your office including computers, files folders and many more. All these goods are very much expensive and need expert supervision of professional Relocation companies.

Understanding this, Interem one of the leading packers and movers in the world, provides office relocation service to its customers. Be it a local, inter-state or international office relocation, Interem’s office relocation specialists are professionally trained to relocate your office equipment, computers, high-end servers, plotters, files, records, furniture, electronic systems and libraries in a hassle free & organized manners

Interem professionals are proficient enough to handle any type of relocation like home shifting commercial relocation, international relocation or vehicle transportation. Talking about experience the company has a base of more than one lakh satisfied customers and they are offering their service in more than 170 countries worldwide. The company is also associated with reliable insurance companies that do insurance and enable secure relocation of your goods.

So, enhance your business and don’t worry about relocation stress. As Interem with a vision to provide stress free relocation to its customers, offers 360 degree solution for relocation needs.

Choose the best packers and movers for your relocation

Whether you are moving locally or relocating internationally you probably like to hire the top packers and movers. Although there are number of moving agencies in the city claiming that can provide the required service catering to your relocating needs. But finding the best among them is a tough task.


However, if you are able to find out the right service provider then you will surely witness a streamlined and hassle-free execution of your relocation process. Therefore, picking the right packers and movers is important.

Since the right local relocation company is not an easy task, therefore, it is advisable to make a fair amount of research to collect quotes from at least 5 packers and movers companies, so that one can compare before choosing the best company.  There are certain things that are needed to make sure before choosing the right packers and movers that whether the company is affordable and reputed at the same time.

While choosing the international relocation company one should check for the experience, license, and the insurance policy of the company. You should also ensure whether the company is capable to handle all your specific needs with perfection or not as your valuables are included in the relocation.

There are several portals from where you can get the information about packers and movers and you can get the online quotes. It is advisable not to depend entirely on the online quotes but you should invite the movers to conduct pre-move survey of your belongings as they can give you written estimate precisely for your move.

So, if you are looking for the best packers and movers for your relocation, then Interem is the place for you, as the company with the help of professional experts offers its service to more than 170 countries worldwide. Apart from the above, Interem packers and movers also have more than one lakh satisfied customers.

Relocate business with Interem relocation services

Industrial or commercial relocation is one of the toughest parts of relocation. Moving entire industrial goods from one place to another requires a great amount of planning and management. Relocating a business space is not an easy task. One needs to put a lot of effort in order to manage things at the right direction during the same. However, if you are planning to relocate your business your task can be easy if you follow these 5 steps:


Update Address: The first thing you need to do is to change your address from all the prominent places like website, visiting cards, etc. for your customer to find you easily.

Inform Employees: As relocating to other place is a tough situation for you as well as for your employees, therefore, it’s your duty to inform your employees about the move in advance.

Make Inventory: You are required to make a list of items that you need to relocate with you to your new place. Remember, you are supposed to be managed throughout the move and it is your inventory that will help you in good management.

Search Legitimate Packers and Movers:  After deciding the schedule and date for the move, the next thing you need to do is to find an appropriate industrial packaging service for the relocation. The relocation professional will assist you and provide 360 degree solutions for your relocation need. Hence finding the right relocation agency will reduce your stress and provide a hassle free relocation.

Check Company’s Credibility before Hiring: industrial relocation is not an easy job hence requires an industrial packers and movers with expertise and good amount of experience. The company handling your process must be licensed and insured. One should also check the company’s credibility to ensure nothing in your move should go wrong.

So, if you are planning to relocate your business then Interem is the place for you. as the company’s relocation  experts are well qualified and hold good experience in offering services for relocation expensive office equipment and gadgets, which includes computers, electronic systems, furniture, etc.

How to choose best domestic relocation company

Shifting home to a new place is very hectic, stressful and annoying as there is lots of work associated with a successful relocation. The relocation procedure includes a lot of activity including packaging of good, transportation then unpacking the goods and finally arranging them. However, you can make the relocation process easier and hassle free by hiring a professional domestic packers and movers.

Office Relocation

There are number of packers and movers that offer smooth relocation services for domestic requirement. However, finding a suitable team that is professional, reliable and economical at the same requires a little research. It is important to choose the right relocation service to make your relocation hassle free. Here are few guidelines on how to hire the best moving service:

Make a list of moving companies

The first thing you need to do is to create a list of all domestic relocation companies available in your locality by consulting your friends, colleagues or searching online.

Get estimate

After creating the list you need to ask for the quotations according to your needs and requirements.

Compare estimates

After getting estimates from different vendors, evaluate them on the basis of cost, discount, delivery time, quality assurance and surplus discount; then choose the best among them that suits you.

Ask about company

After selecting the best domestic relocation services, ask them about their quality of services. Make an in depth evaluation about the experience of company in relocation and transportation, their license and registration.

Discuss and Ask

After getting quotes and estimates, ask about hidden costs, method of payment, insurance facility, warehousing and storage facilities and more. This ensures that you are getting the best packing and shifting service.

Hence, if these points are taken into consideration, then there is very high possibility that your goods will arrive at your destination in the most safest and secured manner.

Relocate Internationally with Interem’s International Standard Services

Moving internationally requires a great amount of planning; especially if you are moving for the first time. Whether you are shifting because of work or any other reason, moving to another country to start a new life can be overwhelming.

Office Relocation

When you move to another place or a country, you usually carry your belongings with you. They make you feel good and make a new place feel like home. Some of those belongings are emotionally attached to you, some are necessities and some you are not sure why you even have anymore but yet find it difficult to part ways. Nevertheless, they belong to you and now you have to decide what to do with them. The best way to get your problem resolved is to talk to or hire a professional international packers and movers.

Professional international movers will assist you in determining your volume, take care of all the details during relocation services and will take good care of your belongings. The relocation journey begins at your home by packing your items (all of them or some of them), transporting your belongings, advising you about customs and how to deliver your belongings into your new home in your new country and finally unpacking them and arranging them.

Relocation seems an easy task with professional packers and movers. Therefore, Interem, one of the top packers and Movers Company in the world, offers air, ocean and cross border road transportation services based on the best possible logistic solution available for household goods to or from 170 countries across the world.

Apart from international relocation, Interem deals in many other relocation services including domestic relocation, pet relocation and even car relocation services. So, if you are planning to shift your house domestically or internationally, then you can simply rely on the services of Interem

You have more than one reason to say why Interem is the best international packers & movers

Local Relocations companies

There are several reasons to shift home from one place to another like transfer, job change, going to abroad, for professional reasons or the personal ones, people do relocate often in their lives. Whatever may be the case; this is the time that a good and reliable name in the Movers and packers industry is like essential information to have. The mover’s packer’s services of any of the top packers and movers company will ensure the safety and seamless journey of your dear belongings.

Choosing a right packers and movers is a tough task, as finding a company which can cater all the needs and provide 360 degree relocation service is not easy. But with interem the relocation activity seems to be a cake walk. As they take all your tension of shifting and came out as a best international packers and movers.

Interem has been a leading player among International moving companies offering its services to more than 170 countries worldwide. Having more than 20 years of experience interem has been a leading player in the relocation industry. With a mission, to provide clients with comprehensive relocation services of exceptional value, the company offers a wide range of services including international and domestic relocation service, fine arts and exhibition service, pet relocation service, automobile relocation and warehouse solutions.

Apart from international relocation services interem is among the top domestic packers and movers of the country. So if you are looking for a relocation company than interem is the best option to choose. As the company is affiliated to the most reliable & sought after accreditations like FIDI, OMNI, BAR, ER, and believes in offering quality service seamlessly to its client.

Relocate across the country with Interem Relocation

You won’t find a better relocation company than Interem Packers and movers. We involve a team of expert who work hard on the behalf of our clients and nothing makes us happier than hearing them say they enjoy doing business with us. For more than a decade we have enjoyed moving client’s valuable possessions, employees and their families to nearly every corner of the globe – full service relocation anywhere. Our dedication to our clients and our compassion for our customers gives us a great deal of satisfaction and makes us stand out in a sea of uncaring relocation services providers.

What advantage you will get by selecting Interem

A significant advantage in working with Interem Relocation Company is our commitment to a practical approach in meeting the needs of our clients and their transferees. Instead of providing only domestic relocation our company deals in International relocation also by offering International relocation service.

A wide range of services..

At Interem relocation, we can help you from the starting by serving with visas and immigration, relocation of valuble possession, providing an analysis of the cost of living tailored to your lifestyle, finding you a home, a school for your children and offering language and cultural training if you need it. When you arrive we can help you to get familiar with your new surroundings, sort out your banking, buy a car, get online and much more. We are not advising that relocating to another country is easy; we know it’s not. But we also know that our relocation service can make everything a lot easier for you.Relocation services qatar

Relocate your prized possessions with the help Interem relocation services


Relocation is a hectic task it is not possible to relocate without taking help of any expert who have knowledge about the relocation process. Some people think that hiring relocation experts will cost them more than expectation. So they hesitate to contact relocation company but it is not like that Interem is a relocation company who offers relocation services to their clients at a reasonable rate and there are many advantages of hiring  Interem packers and movers some of them are listed below:

  • Save Time and Money: Interem Packers and movers pack and move the goods which save your time as they have their own packaging materials and the trained employees who pack the goods in the right packing method.
  • Safety of the Goods:Interem packers and movers are professionals and expert who know the right way to pack the goods. They also use high quality packaging materials that prevent the goods from damages and breakages.
  • Peaceful Relocation:Moving and shifting is a troublesome task that also gives you stress and anxiety but when you hire professional and reliable packers and Movers Company then you needs not to worry for the safety of your goods as they will relocate it safe with zero damages this gives you a peaceful mind and a happy relocation.

Moving to a new country is not a small deal. It includes several things such as pre move survey, packing, custom clearance and freight. With global connection Interem offers integrated International relocation services and ensure the safe handling of personal assets, by making it easier for you to relocate almost anywhere in the world.