Move across the globe in a hassle-free manner with Interem Relocations

With our professional commercial relocation services, you can rest assured knowing that your new office will be up and running quickly. We have the knowledge, skill, and expertise to ensure a successful relocation for you and your employees. All valuable possessions will be packed correctly by experts using supreme quality packing supplies and sturdy boxes. In case, if there is requirement for storage facilities in Dubai then considered as one of the best relocation companies, Interem Relocations help aspirants in keeping their valuable possessions safely in warehouse storage Dubai. They will load your belongings on the truck carefully. They will transport your possessions using especially designed goods carriers or truck. They will unload boxes and unpack them at your new office. Our company will also provide you insurance facility to cover the loss if goods are unfortunately damaged in transit. Thus, it will save your precious time and energy as well.

Timely & Safely Delivery

Professional packers and movers companies can provide a range of helpful relocation services to help customers who want to get rid of hassles and unpleasant issues involved with relocating process and storage. They also ensure your move become easy and simple by doing almost everything on behalf of you and keeping your belongings safely in warehouse in case of any uncertainties. They will pack your office belongings correctly with good quality packing supplies and sturdy boxes. They will also load goods on to the truck and transport them to your desired destination door step timely and safely.

Planning to relocate office?

Are you planning to relocate your office? Do you want to transport your vehicle, bike or car? Do you want to transport your office equipment? In every circumstance you will need to hire the services of one of the best packers and movers in order to make relocating procedure easier and simpler. There are many professional packers and movers that can provide you office relocation services, but the right service from the right moving company will ensure safe and hassle-free Relocation. So, if you are looking for relocation cum storage companies in Dubai then Interem Relocations is the best option for you. For more information:


Interem Relocations: Providing Best Relocation Services As Per Your Needs

Moving office from one place to another can be one of the most dreary and stressful events of your life. There are several tasks, unwanted issues and lots of hassles involved in the process of office shifting which can bother you extremely. To make your office relocation easy you should take the advantages of best moving companies of your city that can provide you required moving services for a hassle-free relocation. There are several professional moving companies in different cities and towns of India that can provide you helpful relocation services varying from  packing & moving of office items, loading of goods onto the truck, transportation of goods, unloading of goods from the truck, and unpacking of the goods. These companies also provide you several other services as per your needs.

Hiring an office relocation expert

Business organization must hire a professional and experienced office relocation company. Hiring an established team will not only save your time but it would also save you from relocation plans, and equipment needed for transportation. Trustworthy packers and movers also assist in legal documentation to obtain various permits.

Using premium packaging material

A renowned relocation service provider understands the value of your goods and therefore they provide high quality of packing material and tool for office assets relocation.

Shipping Cargo

Hiring one of the best moving companies will help you in cargo shipping, be it national or international it also assists you in obtaining cargo clearance and enables a smooth transportation. This helps in reducing last minute stress and problem regarding cargo shipping. Reputed movers also use technology to track your cargo during transit and keeps you updated with the arrival expected time of goods.

Being part of the US $ 450 million Freight Systems Group, Interem Relocations has an unsurpassed edge in the worldwide sea freight and air freight network and provides the fastest relocation services.

Provides Less disruptive environment

If you hire an experienced relocation service provider they will offers a less disruptive environment during office relocation as these experts are relocating business for years. Thus, they enable organizations to get back in quick time frame. Therefore, if you are looking forward to shift your office in a hassle-free manner then Interem Relocations will help you to move across the globe easily. For more information:

Let Your Relocation Partner Handle The Stress Of Moving

At the time of relocating to a new place and after months of planning and preparation, your moving day is finally here. As your movers and packers get down to business, you might be tempted to keep an eagle eye on everything they’re doing. Are they being careful with the piano? Or they have spoilt the hardwood or scuffed the walls? Shifting across the globe can be a stressful experience and it can be tough to know what to do while your movers are moving.

Keeping yourself busy at the time of relocation during your move and stay out of the movers’ way is best. But if you really want to help, there are a few little things you can do before and during moving day that your movers will appreciate.


To save time and money during your move, pack as much as you can before moving day. Unfilled breakfront drawers, organize everything into boxes and label everything with its proper destination. This will make it easy for your movers to know exactly where to put your possessions in your new home. Packers and Movers in india will appreciate your help and you’ll appreciate the cost-savings after the move.

If you’re tight on time (or just don’t feel like it!), being the top packers and movers – Interem Relocations is always happy to pack for you. We’ll take care of everything from your furniture down to the very last fork. For more information:

Instead of trying everything on your own opt for Interem Relocations`

If you’ve ever moved from one home to another on your own, you understand that unexpected needs arise throughout the moving process. Now multiply those issues by the size of your company and you can see why moving offices can be a big headache.

Partnering with an office relocation company might sound unnecessary for the leaders who like to do things all by themselves. Instead of trying to figure everything out on your own, below are some reasons that will make you realize that why global relocation service offered by renowned packers and movers are worth considering:

Reason #1: Office Relocation Services Provide Insurance & Security

You wouldn’t handover your car keys to valet who doesn’t have a driver’s license, would you? Similarly, it doesn’t make sense to handover your office’s valuable equipment and furniture to people who aren’t experienced in the proper way to move those specific items. Moving the contents of your office with professionals who specialize in office relocation means your items are insured and you know exactly who is accountable for every item being moved.

Office Relocation Companies Can Ensure Efficient Packing/Unpacking

Here’s a sentence you will never hear when executives are in charge of office moves: “We had more than enough boxes and moving supplies!” Usually, amateur attempts for providing packing supplies results in requirement of more moving boxes, tape, bubble-wraps, etc. Packing inconveniences slow down your preparations and create headaches throughout the rest of your moving process. Without professional overseas relocation services, your move will take much long time and cost more than you initially planned. Since, Interem Relocations is a leading industrial packaging service provider; we already know exactly how to pack everything you have in your office. We also provide you with moving boxes, totes, gondolas, labels and other supplies to help the process go quickly and smoothly.

Office Relocation Services Handle Heavy Logistics

Isn’t your brain keeping track of enough already with running your business? Figuring out the details and logistics of getting everything organized, packed, moved, unpacked, reorganized throughout your entire company sounds like something more hectic and chaotic. Doing too much usually results in many details being overlooked. With an office move, this slows down the process and further delays your company from getting back to work. Therefore, make your office relocation easier with the help of corporate relocation service that Interem Relocations provide to their customers at reasonable price.  For more information: 

Experience a stress free relocation with the help of professional packers and movers

One of the most dreary and stressful event of life is to relocate your office.  As, there are several tasks, unwanted issues and lots of hassles involved in this process. However, to make your office relocation easy, one can always take help of the top packers and movers. A professional relocation company can provide you required services for your move. There are several moving companies across the world that can provide you worthy relocation services. These relocation services include loading of goods, transportation of goods, unloading and unpacking of goods. A professional relocation company provides you several other services as per your needs.

Interem Relocation is a professional moving company that gives you a complete peace of mind by providing full assistance in the entire moving process from beginning to end. A reputed moving company will help you with your move by packing the very first item at your place to unpacking of the very last item at your new destination. Our professional experts are equipped with the right tools required to pack your office equipments. With the help of top packers and movers like Interem Relocations, all your office equipment will be packed properly by experts using supreme quality packing materials and sturdy boxes. The company’s experts will load your belongings to the truck carefully and with the help of especially designed goods carrier or truck, the company will transport your possessions.

Apart from this, Interem Relocations also offer insurance facility to cover the loss, if goods unfortunately get damaged in transit. Thus, this will save your precious time and energy as well. So, hire an experienced International packers and movers for your office shifting and enjoy a hassle-free moving experience.  For more information:

Benefits of hiring a professional Relocation Company

Whether it is a local move in the city or an international move; professional Packers and Movers will make the process a lot easier and simpler. There are many companies that offer 360 degree moving services to make shifting of household goods easy and simple.  Some of the main services provided by most professional movers and packers include services like packing, loading, transportation, unloading, unpacking, goods insurance, warehousing, storage and more.

Before hiring any relocation company, you need to analyze your moving needs and requirements of services. After this, you may decide whether you want to hire full moving service or a partial service. However, a professional moving company will offer you all.

For local relocation, you can go with partial services of a mover, but for long distance move, it is advisable that you hire a full service of Domestic Relocation Company in order to get peace of mind on your move. The company offer its services from packing of the first item at your current resident to unpacking of the last item at your new place. This enables you to experience a hassle-free relocation.

Apart from hiring professional Relocation services, it is also advisable that you should also hire goods insurance coverage service of a mover in a long distance move. This will help you cover the loss if your goods are unfortunately damaged during transit.

There are several benefits of hiring a professional relocation Service Company for different moving needs. Considering the benefits, if you are also looking to hire a packer and mover then Interem is the right place for you. The company offers complete moving solutions in more 170 countries. With the help of experienced professionals and customized solutions the company stands apart from all other relocation company. For more information:

How To Prepare For International Relocation

packers and movers in dubai

The most challenging decision to make is international relocation. Carrying out an international move is a tough and tedious task to handle. Moving with all the things and that too out of country requires huge budget and time. International relocation is very stressful task, it’s not like packing your things and going out for an international holidays. You are supposed to carry all your belongings with you. However, following the tips below, you can experience a hassle and stress free relocation.

Organize: The biggest and toughest form of relocation is International relocation. Transporting all your belongings to a new country all together is really a great task. In order to experience a hassle-free move you need to organize your things much before the actual day, as a small mistake can lead to huge loss. If you have organized things much before, you will come out of the situation in flying colours.

Identify Essentials: In order to organize your things, you must identify the essentials, i.e. selecting the things you would require at the new place. You need to create a list of things that you would carry with you to the new location. Identifying the essential things will help you to settle down comfortably at the new destination.

Hire Experienced Movers: Once you are done with identifying the essentials that you are going to carry with you, you need to hire an experienced packers and movers for the relocation. It’s always good to take the help of professionals, even when you think that you are an expert and can handle international relocation by your own.

Managing an international relocation is not an easy job. To get the best out of your international move you can take the help of these experts, as they have the right kind of tool to pack and transport your belongings.

Understanding this, if you are looking for international packers and movers then Interem is the place for you. The company is one of the top Packers and movers in Dubai that offers its services in more than 170 countries. With its experienced team and quality service, the company has changed the definition of packers and movers in UAE.

Tips for packing things for hassle-free relocation

Relocation has always been a tedious and the most stressful event that everyone faces once in a lifetime. The relocation job includes numerous things from packaging to transportation and many more. You can hire a relocation company that can assist you in your relocation. But there are many people who don’t want to hire relocation Service Company. For them packaging is one the most stressful task during a move, since, there are a lot of things in your house and you can’t carry everything to your new place. Therefore, you need to cut shot your items. You can get rid of the unwanted items by asking yourself the following questions and this will definitely ease out the packing complexities.

Do I use it:  The first thing you need to ask yourself while packing your stuff is whether you use that item or not? If not, then don’t carry that item to your new place. This will not only save your time, but will also save your money on packing materials and on transportation.

Item is trendy:  Many a times we tend to carry old items like an old bed sheet, curtain or transistor and then we find that is of no use. Therefore, you must analyze whether the item that you are going to pack is trendy or not.

Emotional Value: There are many things like a wall clock presented by your parents that have emotional value attached to it. But, if the emotional value is not attached with any unused product then it’s better to get rid of it at the earliest.

Space: Carrying everything to a new place is not a great idea, if you don’t have an adequate space. Therefore, it is preferable to analyze before packing things, that whether there is adequate space to put these stuffs or not.

Following the above tips will help you in hassle-free relocation that too without the help of any relocation services company. For more information:

Get rid of unused items before relocation

Everyone is well familiar with various ups and down involved in relocation process. But there is one hidden benefit of relocation and that is getting rid of the unused items of home, which enables you to downsize your home very well at the time of packing your stuff. We all have so much stuff in our homes that are of no use to us and there is no chance of using them in future as well.

Relocation services qatar

So, before hiring a domestic relocation companies you should get a relief from these unused items at home, offices and warehouses. This will not only help on relocation as you will have to carry less but it will also reduce the burdens of your new place as you will have less stuff.

With the following ways you can get rid of all the unused stuffs that includes

Do I use it:  while packing, ask yourself that whether you use the item or not. If not then it’s a good idea to get rid from that item as it will save your money on packing materials and also on transportation charges charged by Domestic Packers and movers.

Item is trendy: you should also analyze whether the item that you are going to pack is trendy or not. If it is old fashioned like an old curtain or transistor, there is no need to carry old stuff in the new place.

Emotional Value: Many a times we keep old things, just because we are emotionally attached with it. But if the emotional value is not attached with any unused stuff then it’s better to get rid of it at the earliest.

Space: Carrying everything to your new place is not always possible. Therefore, analyze whether there is adequate space to put these stuffs in your new place or not.

How the cost of packers and movers is determined

One of the most often asked questions by people during relocation is ‘charges of packers and movers’. Well, no one can give the straight answer to this question except a relocation company itself. Since, the relocation process includes many things; therefore, a lot of things need to be considered while calculating charges of moving and shifting. Packers and movers have to come to your place for assessing your requirements then only the company will give you an estimate.

The charges that company will provide will depend on the following

  • Packing charges
  • High-quality packaging materials
  • Loading and unloading charges
  • Transportation charges
  • Unpacking and rearrangement charges
  • Transit insurance charges
  • Service taxes, Vat, etc.

Apart from this there are few more things that are also considered while determining their price for your relocations like:

  • The distance of your move
  • Quantity of your goods
  • Quantity of fragile goods
  • Vehicle if any
  • Any specific moving date

One may need to pay heavy cost to the packers and movers if they want to move immediately within a day or a couple of days. As the company has additional pressure to relocate your goods safely at the desired location and that too in less time. Hence, they charge extra cost for this.

So, these are the points that an Industrial Packaging keep in mind while determining their fee/charges. You can also get free quotes from online sites of trusted and reputed relocation companies like Interem. This will help you in comparing the prices and in hiring the one that fits your budget and requirements.

Hire Industrial Packaging service at an affordable price and enjoy a hassle-free shifting with trusted and experienced relocation company in India.